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  • Sarah Wedel

    Sarah is a Speech and Language Therapist with a specialized interest in the management of complex developmental disorders in paediatrics. She has broad range experience in all core areas of paediatric speech and language therapy.

    Since graduating, she has worked in both London and Ireland in early years clinics, child development centres, special schools and mainstream schools.

    She has attended specialist training including the Michael Palin intervention for school aged children who stammer, developed experience in SCERTS, and worked closely with a dysphagia specialist to assess and manage children with dysphagia.

    She brings tremendous experience to TDCC where her work is focused on providing therapy interventions for children with a broad range of speech, language and communication difficulties including developmental language disorders, speech sound disorders, language and social communication delay, Autism spectrum disorders and complex disorders.

    Sarah was awarded an Honours Degree in Speech and Language Therapy from Leeds Metropolitan University in 2013. During her working career in the UK, she was registered with the Health and Care Professions Council UK and the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists.

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