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  • Mona Mohssen

    Prior to joining TDCC, Mona worked as an assistant teacher in Abu Dhabi, and prior to that was based in Egypt where she worked as a special education teacher. Her experience and knowledge of the care required to work with the diverse social and cultural needs of children living in the UAE is exemplary.

    She is a committed and compassionate educationalist dedicated to supporting the learning development and academic skills of children through a highly structured and goal oriented teaching style which has proven to be highly effective with children who have learning challenges.

    Mona’s evaluation-based programmes help children feel confident and succeed. She is a graduate of Tanta University, Egypt, from which she was awarded a BSC in Psychology.

    “Every child is gifted,” she says. “Our role is to help them unlock their hidden potential. There is little more rewarding that seeing a child gain confidence and progress. Little steps lead a long way, it is important to be patient.”

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