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  • Marina Hakimian

    Marina completed her Bachelor of Arts and a Teaching Diploma in Social Sciences from the Lebanese University and a Masters in Clinical Psychology in 2012 from Haigazian University in Beirut, Lebanon. Marina is a multilingual professional who is fluent in Arabic, English and Armenian and has fair understanding of French which contributes to her career in a multicultural setting such as the U.A.E

    Before moving to the UAE, Marina was a Psychologist and counselor at a center in Lebanon. In her role she organized and led workshops such as: Stop Bullying, Introduction to Time Management Skills and Building Confidence and Self-esteem. Furthermore, she has conducted research in mainstream public schools (Lebanon) as part of the implementation of the National Inclusion Plan. The report was presented to the Minister of Education in Lebanon.

    Marina provides a diverse set of services ranging from developmental, cognitive, behavioural and psycho-educational assessments, play therapy and psychotherapy for children and adolescents to support their integration and inclusion. She also provides family support through parenting, nannyworkshops and individual counseling sessions. She believes in a holistic approach to assessment.
    Throughout her career in TDCC, Marina has attended several workshops and conferences to maintain and further develop her skills in the profession by keeping up with up-to date, evidence based, best practices and approaches in the mental health sector.

    Her passion is to raise awareness in the community; shatter stigma associated with mental health, and support children, adolescents and families their goals by working closely with all stakeholders.

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