The family is the most important context in which a child's development takes place. It is an important factor in a child's language, social, mental, emotional and physical development.

Parent & Family Support (or family counseling) is designed to address specific issues that affect the psychological well-being of the family, such as major life transitions, challenges at school and family communication. It is based on the idea that the family operates as a unit and that all members contribute to its functioning.

The service aims to promote understanding and collaboration among family members in order to solve difficulties or challenges. For example, if a child is having social and academic problems, therapy will focus on the family patterns that may contribute to the child’s challenges, rather than evaluating the child alone. As the family uncovers the source of the challenge, they can learn to support the child and work on minimizing or altering the conditions that contribute to the current difficulties experienced.

Private sessions are solution-focused and short-term, with as few as 6-9 sessions required, on average. Meetings are often held once per week and typically last for 50 minutes. The number of family members who attend each session may vary, depending on the goals, set and often the therapist will offer individual sessions to supplement the family sessions.

For more information on sessions & programs offered and how to register, please contact one of our Client Relations Executive (CRE) on +97143011900.

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