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The I-SUCCEED program is an after-school skill development program developed by The Developing Child Centre to help build and support the academic, social, emotional, physical and behavioral skills required by children to maximize their learning and developmental potential.

Empowering children’s skills helps create positive experiences at home, in school or on the playground, and reduces the risk of children feeling de-motivated or experiencing a sense of failure which impairs their confidence and limits their full learning and development potential.

The I-SUCCEED program involves a team of specialized professionals who work in collaboration with parents and/or teachers to develop an individualized plan and skill development program to help build and support the academic, social, emotional and behavioural skills required by children to feel confident and succeed.

Children enrolled in the I-SUCCEED program are provided with bespoke private and/or very small group sessions with an I-SUCCEED specialized professional. The number of sessions per week will depend on the requirements of each child’s specific needs.

I-SUCCEED programs include developing & building:

  • Expressive language & communication skills
  • Independence skills
  • Math skills
  • Reading, comprehension & inference skills
  • Handwriting skills (wrist stability, pencil control, legibility, speed)

For more information on programs offered and how to register, please contact one of our Client Relations Executive (CRE) on +97143011900.

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