The Developing Child Centre (TDCC) will continuously strive to put the best team forward to help your child reach their full potential by helping them develop their individual skills and overcome their challenges.

A multi-disciplinary assessment (MDA) involves a team of professionals including psychologists and specialist therapists collaborating, evaluating, assessing and identifying the essence of your child’s challenges. The diagnosis and interpretation of the MDA results are absolutely critical to help define, understand and recommend an individualized program for your child.

The program put forward will be the collaborative recommendation of the team of doctors, professionals and practitioners selected for your child. The MDA team selected will depend on your child’s challenges, as every child is unique. It will always consist of a minimum of 3 practitioners led by an educational psychologist. If necessary, other specialized practitioners, such as neuro-psychologists, developmental pediatricians, and behavioral therapists, will also be consulted to deliver a more comprehensive report.

Please be aware that assessments can take place over the course of 2 to 3 weeks and is individual to each child – once an appointment is set, the parents/family will be provided with a full itinerary and description of the process.

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