• Red Flags

    Every child is unique and develops differently. Here is some important information on key developmental milestones that parents can use to help monitor their child’s development and identify any red flags

  • Parenting & Family Support

    Parent & Family Support (or family counseling) is designed to address specific issues that affect the psychological well-being of the family, such as major life transitions, challenges at school and family communication. It is based on the idea that the family operates as a unit and that all members contribute to its functioning.

  • I-SUCCEED Program

    The I-SUCCEED program is an after-school skill development program developed by The Developing Child Centre to help build and support the academic, social, emotional, physical and behavioral skills required by children to maximize their learning and developmental potential.

  • Speech & Language Skills

    At times parents and teachers think that a Speech & Language Therapist’s role is ONLY about helping children who stutter, helping children who can’t say their sounds properly or even helping those children who don’t speak at all.

  • Body, Motor & Sensory Skills

    An OT will also support your child develop play skills such as hopping, jumping, throwing and catching a ball, riding a bike and completing games and puzzles, necessary skills helping them feel confident amongst their peers.

  • Spring & Summer Enrichment

    At The Developing Child Centre we believe that the holiday time is the perfect opportunity to provide focused and intense support to substantially progress and develop the emotional, social, physical and academic skills children need to feel confident and succeed.

  • Advocacy and Inclusion Support Program

    Our Advocacy and Inclusion Support program is a unique and bespoke service designed and managed by Dr. Ruba Tabari, Clinical Director & Educational Psychologist: DEdPsych, MSc Ed Psych, PGCE, BSc, C. Psychol, AFBPsS.

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