The Key To Success

An attentive and necessary skills development private or group course aimed at developing children’s ability to attend to tasks in school, home or social environments.

Private and/or group sessions provide tangible and valuable techniques that teaches children how to be able to meet classroom expectations.

The program focuses on:

  • Attention and the development of attention maintenance
  • Developing listening comprehension
  • Building processing and response speeds
  • Strengthening the ability to listen well in noisy environments
  • Increase ability to listen and respond appropriately to information
  • Narration skills
  • Keeping focus when not interested

Developing children’s attention and listening skills is a necessary empowering tool that helps reduce children’s difficult behaviors at school or at home which impairs their confidence and limits their full learning and development potential.

For more detail on programs offered and how to register, please contact one of our Client Relations Executive (CRE) on +97143011900.

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