Our Advocacy and Inclusion Support program is a unique and bespoke service designed and managed by Dr. Ruba Tabari, Clinical Director & Educational Psychologist: DEdPsych, MSc Ed Psych, PGCE, BSc, C. Psychol, AFBPsS.

Dr. Tabari has over 27 years of extensive experience in the field of Education and Educational Psychology across the UK and the Middle East. Her insight and expertise provides an invaluable service for children & teenagers enlisted in schools as well as for those in multi-disciplinary services, including Psychology, Learning Support, Speech & Language, Sensory & Occupational Therapy.

Parents of children & teenagers enrolled in this program will be offered private monthly sessions; regular nursery/ school visits followed by a meeting with your child/ teenager’s support team to set tangible goals, monitor and evaluate your child’s social, educational, behavioural, emotional & physical needs.

As the Advocate and Inclusion Specialist of your child/teenager, Dr. Tabari will work directly with parents, teachers, and therapists to provide continuous guidance and recommendations that help maximize the success of your child/teenager, helping empower their overall potential at home and at school.

For more information, please contact one of our Client Relations Executive (CRE) on +97143011900.

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